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For xvideos.con instance, if a person wants to just give you a blowjob, you may only xvido charge them twenty-bucks. Who knows? It's up to you." Dave sat there listening intently, knodding his head, never looking away from me, occasionally shifting his weight and xvideos gay adjusting www xvideos his crotch. I could see that he still had questions. Maybe he was a little overwhelmed at my xvide frankness about the entire subject. "So what experience do you have in the sex department?" I asked. "I have gotten a blowjob once from a girlfriend last xvideo.com year, but other than that nothing." "Then it looks like xvideos xvideos you need some education. You don't want to go into it blind so-to-speak." "Yeah, but where can I learn about this. It's not like I can just go get a book from the library." "You could, but it wouldn't be the xvideos 2 same. It's not detailed enough, and besides, I always say that the wwwxvideos.com best lessons come from doing rather than reading." 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There were no close-ups of course, but you could still clearly see everything that xvideos tamil was happening. I stroked my cock as I watched myself go down on Dave and play with his ass hole. I shot my load all over myself, letting ropes of cum splash across my xvieos abdomen. I was exhausted and very content, but I could barely wait until Dave's next visit. To be continued... I hope you have enjoyed xvideos.com part 1 of "Earning Extra Cash". Please stay tuned for other installments. The G-Man From: lordicarusaol (LordIcarus) Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories Subject: Earning Under the Sun (mm, teen, cons) 1/? Date: 13 Feb 1996 18:51:44 -0500 Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364) Lines: 121 Message-ID: <4fr86g$cipnewsbf02.news.aol> Reply-To: lordicarusaol (LordIcarus) NNTP-Posting-Host: newsbf02.mail.aol WARNING: The following story--totally written by my very hand--contains scenes of two male teens enjoying sex with one another. If this is not to your taste, do not continue reading. I am in no way responsible for anyone underage reading this work and being inspired by it. xvideo If it happens, it happens, quote the raven. Comments on my xvidoes work are welcome, mild criticisms ok, flat out insults are ignored. I always enjoy hearing suggestions on what the next installment could contain. Suprise me. --------------------------------------------------------------------- EARNING UNDER THE SUN Part 1 by Icarus I often wondered where Joe got all his money. Certainly he wasn't into dealing drugs or stealing. No the captain of the xvideos red swim team was much too straight xvideos free laced for xvideos mom anything weird like that. Or so I thought. He had a job during the summer months doing lawnwork and www.xvideos cleaning pools. And during that summer before senior year I was in need of cash xvideos. com to buy the car of my dreams. And since x vedios my folks weren't xvidios xvideo.com going to give it to me, I asked if Joe might mind me tagging along to earn some extra bucks. "Not at all he said. You might x videos.com learn some things." He gave me one of his wicked grins, the sort that had every girl in school wet in their panties for him. Hell all the guys admired him, wanted to be near him. I was no exception. Standing next to him, video x it was hard not to notice how xvideos japanese good looking he was. Tall and trim, with a muscled chest that was a smooth as water. All the time spent swimming outdoors left him a solid golden tan, his hair shining blond. His stomach was rippled and powerful legs left you wandering how far could this guy kick under the covers. indian xvideos And he had a x-videos habit of wearing skimpy shorts that made you feel jealous at his total self-image. Not that I was staring for a bulge. I thought myself straight laced too. A xvideos indonesia bit naive certainly since I was still a virgin at 17. Only this past xvideos indian year had my body caught up to what I wanted. It was slim and held some muscle along the xvideos teen arm and pecs but no where near gay xvideos Joe's build. The days went by and the routine of outdoor work became easy. The two of us xvideos 2 became much closer, and we would often spend time during the lunch break talking about sex and japanese xvideos sports and how hot it was. Joe was reluctant to speak of all his conquests, at least the ones I had heard around school. desi xvideos He just shrugged and said there was nothing much to say. I thought him shy until I learned the truth. And that was when he took the pickup to mom xvideos the upper side xvideos com xvideos .com of town xvideos gay where all the rich folks lived in their large estates. I was surprised that Joe worked for xxvideo one of them as I had always believed that they hired a landscaper or professional service. 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I took off my sweat shorts then dived into the pool before Joe could see xvideos hentai the reaction his crotch had made on my own. The hardness of my dick bothered me; I had never had that reaction to another guy before and I didn't want Joe to think me queer and after his ass. The cool water relieved the pressure thankfully. He dived in next and www.xvideo swam laps around me. I briefly remember asking him if we were going to clean the pool, but he merely xvideos indo shook his head and xvideos porno tried drowning me. Laughing we continued goofing' around until our lips were blue then we crawled out. I noticed then the lawn chairs set close to each other, along with a table and umbrella. On the table was an ice bucket and some suntan oil. Without xvideos com the least bit of hesitation, Joe walked over and took out a beer from the ice bucket. He threw it over to me. "Now comes the time for us to earn some cash," he said. "By drinking this guy's beer? Sure, I'm in." 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Now before you get bent xvideos indian out of shape, xvideoss let me say that all we have to do is spread some oil over each other, give our dicks a yank until we shoot, then xvideos japanese take a dip and each of us gets a hundred bucks." He leaned closer. "You all right with this. I mean, don't think it'll make you queer and all, it's just to earn www.xvideos.com some money." I nodded. This was all so strange, but the thought of Joe naked xvideos and yanking xvideos on his dick right next to xvideos porno me where I could watch was suddenly xvideos hentai very appealing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ End of Part 1 Hello people. How is life xvido treating you? I'm back with the second chapter of Earth, and I think you'll like it just as much as you liked the first chapter. Keep sending too. I really enjoy reading them and it makes my writtings worthwhile. Also, don't forget to check out my new web page where you can find my other stories as well as find pictures and information about me. Just go over to roman_genesis.tripod/romangenesis to video x check it out. porno xvideos There might be a link or two that don't work at first, but just try it again. I've been having some problems and I'm not really sure what it is. If you know what's wrong, could you just drop me a line? As usual, RomanGenesis with your comments and reaction to my new story. The xvidio first chapter was so x.videos popular that I have decided to start a mailing list to let people know when new chapters are added. Just me and xvideos video say something in the message about wanting to be added. Thanks a lot. ================================================= Earth, As it is in Heaven By: Roman Genesis Chapter 2 Not What It Seems Really good plans take a lot of planning, but when it came to Sebastian, I had no idea where to even begin. We were from two totally different xvideos teen worlds xvideos mom and it would have been a chore hd xvideos to even talk to him, let alone try and become friends with him. Then porn xvideos there was the fact that practically no one in town would accept us if we did decide we were in love. It wasn't like we were living the hate capitol of the world, but people weren't x video exactly going out of their way to xvideos com accept homosexuality. I always found it odd that people could hate something simply because they didn't understand it. I mean, I didn't understand Algebra x vedios at all, but that xvideos anal didn't mean I hated it. Wait, yeah it did. That was probably a bad xvideos teen example. This weekend was going to be pretty busy as it was, so I was going to have to put the issue of Sebastian on the back burners for the time being. That didn't mean xxvideos I wasn't looking forward to seeing him in class though. ========================================= I sat patiently in Algebra xvideos porn class waiting for the bell to ring. Mrs. Anderson kept giving xvideos anal me the strangest www.xvideos looks. I think this was the first time this year I had been on time, let alone early, to class. A flood of people came pouring in the door and I knew the bell was about to ring. Chad plopped down next to me with the biggest xx videos grin. "Where did you disappear to after the game?" he asked. I reluctantly xvideos japan tore my eyes away from the door to look at him. "I wanted to work on these Algebra problems. I'm not doing to well in here." He stared at me in disbelief. He was completely lost as to what to say. I turned by gaze back to the door, and just as I xvideos 2 did, my angel appeared. He strolled in, his eyes fixed forward. He went straight for his desk, sat down, and without looking around, he grabbed his book out of his bag and began reading. He looked just as beautiful as he had yesterday. His xvideos porno glasses were slipping down his nose and he pushed on the bridge with his index finger xvideo com to keep them steady. God, every move this xxxvideo kid made was turning me on. x videos "Trevor, are you okay?" I looked back over at Chad to see that he was still looking at me like I had lost my mind. I probably had. "Yeah," I said nervously. "Why?" "I don't know," he said slowly. "You've been acting weird lately." "Okay, take your assignment from last night out and let's start grading xvideos hd them," Mrs. Anderson said to the class. Chad turned back to his folder and started flipping through it. Was he right? Had I been acting xvideos porn differently xvideos brasil lately? We went over the assignment and I tried to keep up, but somehow my mind began to wander and after that I was completely lost. I gave in and ended up staring xx videos at Sebastian the whole period. I rested my head in my hands and just watched him. www.xvideos.com His every movement made me feel warm and helpless inside. This was love. I knew xvideos hentai it. Halfway through the period, as I watched, he xvideo gay dropped his pencil on the ground and it rolled under the girl's desk next to xvedios him. He quickly got on the floor and reached for it. The girl looked down, but looked right back up at the teacher without helping. What a bitch, telugu xvideos I thought. He retrieved his pencil and sat back down. For xvedio the x.videos first xxvideos time in two days he finally took his x video eyes out of his book and quickly glanced around the class to see if anyone else had witnessed his little blunder. His xvideos mom eyes scanned so quickly that before I had a chance to xvideo react, he spotted me staring and his eyes locked on to mine. If I had any common sense at that moment, I would have looked away, but eyes have a way of speaking for a person, and I felt www.xvideo.com like we xvideos.com were seeing each other for the first time. Granted, he had looked at me yesterday when he had requested not to sit by me, but this was different. My heart sped up and my stomach tightened xvideos download as we just looked at each other. Suddenly, he looked back down at book and pretended like he was reading. I knew he was only pretending though, because from time to time he would look back up and me and see that I was still watching him. After so xvideos red many times, I forced myself not to stare. I didn't want him to think I was a freak or anything. Over time, I began to follow the lecture telugu xvideos again, but by then it was to late. The bell rang and Mrs. Anderson gave x-videos us our assignment that would be due on Monday. I xvideos hd stood up and saw Sebastian moving toward the door a little bit to quickly to xvideos jp be considered natural. He was probably running from me, I thought. www.xvideo "Hey, Trevor," Chad said coming up beside me. I www xvideos com looked xvideos over at him. "If something's bothering you, I'd be more than happy to help if I can." Chad's sudden appearance of kindness took me off guard. xvideos video We had never really been that close, but now he was offering his help as a friend. I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder. "I'm fine, Chad, really. Thanks for offering to help though." He blushed a little and suddenly put the tough guy act on again. "So, xvideos indo you're going to Nathan's house tonight?" "Yeah," I said, putting as much reluctance in my voice as I could. We both began walking toward wwwxvideos the door. "I think Vanessa is going to drag me there." "Okay, xvideos indonesia then I'll see you there bro." With that, he bounded off down the hallway. I watched him go for a second and then turned and headed to my next class. Like clockwork, Sebastian sat down by himself xxx videos in the cafeteria just after I had sat down with the team. I began watching again and he took his book out and began reading. That was all he really did. I wondered if he had any friends at all. Vanessa wrapped her arms around my arm and leaned in. "Don't worry," xvideos brasil she xvideos gays said. "Nathan's party will be fun. They're always fun." I wondered how Vanessa even remembered xvideos gay free xvideos his other parties because she had been well past drunk at most of them. "Okay," I said and lifted my hand up to run it through her hair. We looked like the www xvideos com perfect little couple. Instinctively, I looked back over at Sebastian. He was still reading. "Trevor, you pulled off some pretty crazy plays xvidoes last night," Mike shouted from the end of the table. x videos "If I remember correctly," I shouted back, "that double lateral play was your idea." It had been, but it had worked beautifully. I had to give him that. Everyone laughed and continued talking, the table becoming a giant noise machine. free xvideos When we got loud, the whole cafeteria had to get louder to compete with us. Sometimes, it www xvideos com became so loud, you couldn't even think. Everyone was screaming for attention and not waiting for xvideos tamil their turn to talk. Everyone except xvideos .com Sebastian that is. Sebastian remained calm xxvideos and peaceful at his table, alone and content in the chaos. videos x videos x After I had turned fifteen last year, I quickly began looking for a xvideos. com job, and although my parents didn't want me to, I soon took a job at a video store. Most places were looking for someone at least video x sixteen xxxvideos because of all the restrictions on working a fifteen year old. The video store must have been desperate though, because they hooked me up with a job that paid minimum wage. Because of the restrictions though www.xvideo.com I only worked a few hours a week, on Friday and Saturday. That's when the place got really busy. I stood behind the counter and scanned the three movies the old lady had given me and xvideos gays put wwwxvideos.com them back on the counter. "The total mom xvideos is $6.35," I told her. She xvideos gays handed xvideos anal me the money and I punched it in. "By the way," she said as I handed her the change. "You played one hell of a xvideos japan game last night." I was somewhat taken aback by her comment, but she just tamil xvideos smiled and headed for the door with her video. Our team was getting more and more popular everyday. I looked down at my watch for the fifth time in five minutes and x videos saw that I had three minutes left before xvideos .com eight o'clock. Vanessa would be at my house in half